Mushroom hunting
You can grill and eat shiitakeshi (shiitake) harvested by yourself over charcoal. The texture, aroma, rich soup stock, and mouth that is unique to wood shiitake will spread throughout your mouth when chewed. Please enjoy it by all means.

From children to the elderly enjoy friends, couples and anyone.

Admission is free
Will be purchasing all capped picking mushrooms.

Mushroom cultivation
All garden mushroom is cultivated using wood logs.

-Shiitake mushroom cultivation

-Mushroom cultivated using wood logs
What was cultivated using logs of Quercus serrata and Quercus acutissima.
And firmer flesh, smell is characterized by a strong flavor of.
Is compared to the bacteria it is floor bamboo shelf life is short, enjoy crispness and flavor.
Drying of wood cultivation will use most of the mushroom.

Shiitake mushrooms have several varieties, cultivar registration Ministry of agriculture, forestry and fisheries Iwan 220 in 2014.

Dried shiitake mushrooms