Stone kiln sale

Our factory production and sales
Is the oven in the space were built with fire-resistant brick, concrete, rocks, or clay and stone oven to cook.
Our stone oven is a type with a traditional wood-fired gas kiln, electric kiln firing.
In recent years, mostly cooked bread and pizza, but baked in the past, were used in cooking.

After the electric oven maximum temperature 250 ° C compared to common stone oven is very hot oven in the upper part is approximately 700 ° C, Central extends to approximately 500 ° C.
More delicious pizzas baked quickly at high temperatures.

-Effect of far-infrared heating in the stone oven

* All shipping and installation fee charge.
Kiln fire, causing more documentation will be given at!
Kilns are cracking during shipping, so we do installation.
Delivery delivery is available at our own facilities.

Delivery tests of baked twice.
If you do not skip moisture and your kiln, kiln into cracks, smoke rises from the crack through the kiln temperature. We delivery inspection will be called.

Please feel free to consult us. We will respond you politely.

Toho-en original stone kiln pizza
Simple but delicious!
In the ate alone, but it comes!