There are 10 days remaining August.It is early

End of the summer holidays, not yet out of the tone and the memories of summer, but I think that different people have so much homework, are you?
Not be relaxing forever is still a hot day and I think it is.

Leaving the East Treasure Garden event announcements

11/3/2016 Bomb makingAnd the take狩ri and held the mushroom dish Nori and Toho-en collabotour 

 Your own

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Beginning from last year, last year, wood mushroom hunting and in collaboration with the famous Toei-Cho "Flower Festival", there are plenty of guest's request was a great success
This is the second part

Number of applicants is 30 persons «your reservation: please contact us by email or phone

More and more of the first mushroom hunting experience of your visitShiitake mushrooms in your own in-situ bake it with charcoal, can eat
Unique timber cultivation, aroma and taste experience.
Also, for more information at the website of Toho can guide you will introduce on radio and free pepper

We look forward to-