Restaurants in the depths of Yama
It's a homey place where you can feel as warm as you've come to your grandmother's house in the country.
I'm aiming for such a space.

2017June this year

Your East Treasure Garden this summer

We have accepted reservations for the summer this summer to do? And how soon will I start making much of. To the contrary, still ahead in all make plans not. There are a lot of people say it. Toho-en, is reserved in advance, of course, until the last minute were not planning will be greatly appreciated. It may be good night sees the photograph in the great outdoors, toiling in hot springs even after many BBQ on the River near thanks The booking when coming to the East Treasure Garden, please. Language this page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original.


In June, 6 months from today, rain in the first day. Or it goes to lunch. Already now the rainy season is fast approaching! continues to rain, it has sagatcha feel. Moisture too many rainy days, hair is not decided, other apparel whether tried things like it I think, just think of the rainy season is not yet have 下gatcha feel, but meanwhile, this year, new item engagement Think nasty during the rainy season to cope with cute now, was using the umbrella until now, at a convenience store 500 yen by selling such a wonderful umbrella I was a kid, MOM got a new umbrella and rubber boots, rain was reminded me of the time I'm purposely go out on rainy days. Was like that, this year again, but the fit isLanguage This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.