The sun-dried plums are sunny from the morning today, and the plums that were pickled in Toho Pass are dried in the sun. It softens to a good feeling, and it smells good, too. This year, a lot of plums are picked, umeboshi, plum jam, plum juice, plum wine, and people who want it are given, and it is more difficult after taking it (wry smile) The plum wine made three years ago is very delicious and worth making, isn't it? It is delicious even if I divided plum wine with carbonated water, but after all, I love "Umeshu Rock" by far.Is Ume is effective for measures against summer heat stroke. Citric acid, which is a component of plums, decomposes "lactic acid" which is said to be the cause of fatigue into carbon dioxide gas and water, and it seems to work to put it out of the body. Let's take hydration and salt resupply frequently, and let's protect ourselves by ourselves! Well, it's not like I'm rehydrating.I don't usually drink much, but I try to drink barley tea in summer. You can also take minerals. It's hot and I'm afraid I'll lose my appetite, but I'd like to choose ingredients that can be nourished even with a small amount and take good physical condition.Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.