Good morning

Well, it was the best women's volleyball for three days!
If the coach is big and gutsy poses and jumps and rejoices, not only the players but also the watching side will be happy, right?
Men's volleyball starts from today, too.Japan Gambale
It is an apple farm which is taken care of every year.Apple picking. When I said that, Coco! That's about it.
You can also enjoy the atmosphere in the nature of Nagano.
Other apple farms seem to be opening on October 1st, too.
Somehow, the color is delayed overall this year. That's what he said.

As is the case with tohoen shiitake, it's hard to grow them naturally, isn't it?その分、雨・風凌いで立派に成長してくれる。
耐え凌いだ分、格別な味になるんですよねIt was really delicious!