Singing Hunting Guide

It's been five years since Toho Pass opened on November 7th yesterday. Pachipachipachi It's been five years since I moved to Toei-cho, and I wonder if Toho-an has become a little more well-known. I think. I really appreciate the cooperation of the local people and those who come to Toho Pass every year. Thank you very much. The other day, we opened a store at Toei Festival, but there were some customers who visited the event site by visiting our website. In addition, the person who made a reservation for shiitake hunting every year also asked for shiitake mushrooms at the venue. I'm really happy. This November, we have many customers' reservations every day. Some of them are very painful, but some of them have refused because their reservations are full. Next year is next year. We are responding by increasing the number of tossed huts, increasing the number of original trees, and increasing the number of renovations and seats, but we are not yet in time. We would like to continue to pursue the best singing for all of our employees so that as many customers as possible can enjoy Toho's proud singing. It is easy, but I will say hello for the 5th anniversary. In the future, thank you for the life of Motomura Toho Pass Breeders Shop Co., Ltd. Thanks to you for the singing hunting, we will accept the Singing hunting until the beginning of December.  Note) Every year, we do not accept shiitake mushroom hunting in December, but this year, due to the influence of typhoons and warm winters, the growth of shiitake mushrooms has been delayed. In December, when it gets cold, the growth of shiitake mushrooms slows down again, so it is not certain to make a reservation, but if you understand in advance, we will accept your reservation. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

Notice of temporary closure of the store

From today to November. Due to the opening of the toei Festival on November 3, the store will be closed for business. On November 4th, for the Toho Pass Golf Competition, only store participants will be chartered. November 7th, the 5th anniversary of The opening of Toho Pass Shiitake Hunting This year's shiitake mushrooms have been slow to grow due to typhoons and warm winters. As of now, we give priority to customers who have made reservations. When we accept your reservation, we will explain, but we may put regulations on the occurrence situation of shiitake mushrooms on the day. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We accept reservations for Saturdays and Sundays, full seats, and weekdays. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.