Good morning. It is a post of about one month (wry smile) November and December, and the customer of the singing hunting, a very large number of visitors, all employees are happy. It's going to be over in a little bit more this year. It's been five years since Toho Pass, and next year. and challenge new things. The desire has also sprung up This season's business will also end with a great response to the picking of mushrooms. This year, there is also a warm winter, so let's do it for a while because shiitake mushrooms do not grow as expected. I thought, but it seems to be able to pass the year safely somehow. In the middle of December, the temperature dropped at once and the shiitake mushrooms froze. Then, because shiitake mushrooms did not come out, I was allowed to finish. The next schedule is around the middle of March 2020. Thank you very much for coming to our store. Toho Pass December 24 Christmas Event December 25th - January 5th, 2020 Summer Vacation Next year will be open from January 6th. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.