Today is Valentine's Day, isn't it? In the old days, I wanted to make handmade chocolates for my favorite child. I want to give it to you. I was looking forward to this day, and I was excited. There was such a thing, too. I remember (wry smile) Now, there is not such a thing at all (laugh) When I think about it, I have a lot of fun when I was young. Aside from the introduction, it is an introduction of The original product of Toho Pass in the post after a long time. The familiar "Singi take profile set" in the popular Shioi take Kamahan & earthen pot steaming set than before has been upgraded. Nutritious natural selection, which has been used as a herbal medicine for a long time, is now a set.Pachipachi Pachipachi I also ate several times in the prototype, but it is excellent compatibility with Kamahan Because it takes time to prepare, it is a completely reserved product, so it can only be provided to those who have booked. Please enjoy the new mr. who is not a regular of the full-time set fan before the version up, and the Souti full-time set which has been upgraded by all means! LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.