Repeater's one after another! ! Toho-an's popular product Shiitake enjoying set 1,500 yen (tax not included) [full reservation product] The first cup of Kamahan using the Haraki shiitake of Toho Pass luxuriously, please enjoy as it is first. Please enjoy a second cup of rice with natural selection. The soup stock which comes with the third cup set is put on kamahan, and it is served as ochazuke. You can enjoy all the ingredients, not to mention the earthen jar steaming. You can taste it three times in one. It is a luxurious dish that does not get tired. The customer will come to the store, look at your face, and then put the fire in the kamahan. In the meantime, enjoy the picking of the mushrooms. When I came back from the picking of mushrooms, Kamahan cooked in a good way. The moment you open the lid of the cooked kettle, the elegant aroma unique to the wood singing will spread throughout the store. After the meal is over, the scent of the leaves will remain in your mouth forever. Twice a year, a set of mushrooms that can only be eaten in the season of the salted mushrooms, the best taste of the mushroom hunting this season, but usually from the middle of March now is the real thing! ! It is a feeling that this year is a warm winter, and shiitake mushrooms have been out since December of last year, and now it is the real thing. The growth of the singing is about to come to an end. The regular singing season is scheduled from mid-March to early May in spring and from mid-October to early December in autumn. This year, I wonder if there will be shiitake mushrooms until around the middle of April?? It is a feeling. When you come, please make a reservation. (At that time, we accept the order of the profile set.) Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.