2020June this year

Yama no Butcher

Tohoen Introducing meat from Yama's butcher shop Domestic beef thinly sliced for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu The pattern of the meat is also beautiful! !! Soft and sweet I? It's luxurious, but you can fit as many as you want. I also ate it with shabu-shabu, but I love to put it in a pot with shredded cabbage and wrap the cabbage in meat.If you put grated garlic and entangle it with meat, you will feel MAX in an instant. Happiness~I'm in the mood(* There are individual differences in expression, so please refer to it) We will also respond to the middle of the year from now. To place an order, please call Tohoen directly, send it with the title of order from the inquiry form on the website, or order from Tohoen's LINE. Selling price 3,000 yen per box (excluding tax) Tohoen Yama's butcher shop will hold a meat day fair on the 29th of every month (subject to change). (* The meat for the fair changes every month) This is a chance to buy meat at a great price. Please take advantage of this opportunity!LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

Rainy season

Hello, the rainy season in the Tokai region started yesterday. When I am in the office, I seem to be happy to hear the croaking of the frog (wry smile) The rain in Toei Town is currently like a waterfall and a bucket of water has been overturned. When I thought that it rained vigorously in the morning, it rained lightly and it fell in a strange way. It rains for about a week. When you hear that, your mood will drop. I want to make the most of my time at home, but how do you spend your time at home? ?? I watched TV and recorded dramas, cleaned up, made sweets, etc., but I had to refrain from going out due to Corona, so I ran out of material. I say. I think it's a new hobby, but what do you want to do? The bottleneck is that there is no Well, I can't help being depressed, so I'm going to eat a delicious lunch at Tohoen from now on ~. LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.