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2MoonNik Day

Good morning!! Today, the temperature at work in the morning was -2 degrees Celsius. Even now, in the office where I work, my hands are shaking while typing on the computer. It's cold~ During the day, it was getting warmer at 16.19°C. When I thought that, I felt like my body wasn't keeping up with it when the cold days continued at once (wry smile) When it gets a little warmer, the shiitake season has finally arrived! !! Since the other day, it has been warm for several days, so the shiitake mushrooms have also grown, and we were selling raw shiitake mushrooms at our market one step ahead of us, although the number is limited. When the state of emergency for Corona is lifted, the front of you will be a little brighter, and you will be motivated if your feelings and climate are warm.It endures cold winters, and in the spring shoots appear. The words fit perfectly. Rewind from here, I'm sure beautiful flowers will bloomThe hard part is that we are all together. If you try to think, Then I started to think about how I could overcome the hardship, and I didn't feel so depressed ^^ I hope I can make as many people who come to Tohoen smile. I think so, so I keep smiling more than anyone else. I would like to keep in mind The beginning is long, but it is a guide to this month's Niku Day. Since there is no 29th this month, it will be held tomorrow on the 26th. It's really hard to think about a menu for every meal, isn't it? Corona has increased the time I spend at home, and when I have a lot, I eat three meals a day. So I really hate it when the days go on. So, on this Niku Day, we will challenge the sale of side dishes by weight! !! Everyone, please cut corners when you get out of the wayFor dinner tomorrow, please rely on Tohoen We are looking forward to your visit.LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

The state of the syring

Good morning Recently, the warm days have continued, and it has become easier to spend Sundays at 19°C. Yesterday in the news it was that winter is back from today and it will be cold. I said, but I don't feel very cold. Yes, it's cloudy and windy, so the air is cold, but it's not that cold. I would like to introduce a little about the state of shiitake mushrooms in Tohoen. Since winter, the baby shiitake mushrooms have been showing their faces and have stopped growing, but they have been growing little by little for the past two or three days. Today, although the number is limited, raw wood shiitake mushrooms are lined up at the Tohoen market. The one who wins early will be won, so please come as soon as possible. Due to the influence of Corona, I don't know what will happen yet, but the shiitake season will show up and grow more and more from the middle to the end of next month. In addition, we would like to send out information on shiitake hunting on this website, so thank you. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.

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I would like to think about what we can do and what we must do now so that everyone can live with peace of mind as soon as possible. Language This page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original contents.