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I was watching the final against Olympic Softball USA.
13Japan's first gold medal in 20 yearsRecord your favorite dramas from the start of the game and nail them to your TV in real time
I was watching the game.
I myself played softball as a child, and I'm excited now because of the heat.
Yesterday's table tennis mixed game and this softball. As in any competition, not only Japanese athletes, but all athletes
The qualification that I have made an effort for this Olympics and won. You're carrying a lot of thoughts on every player. It really impresses you when you think about it, doesn't it?
If Ueno doesn't give up, his dream will come true. Some people may think it's beautiful,
I believe the word. I'm ashamed that something can be munched, but honestly,
I really respect those who are working hard, and it's cool. I think. I envy you for doing your best.
But just envying people doesn't start anything, and I can't grow, so it's for me. I was able to inspire myself with my spirit.
Pitcher Ueno said this was the culmination of his softball life before the game started.
I'm also happy that it was a match that really deserved to be the culmination.
The U.S. opponent also looked very good after the match.
I felt good that I was a sportsman.

I'm too excited to go to my iPad at this time because I want to share it with someone
I still want to see Japanese players play well.

Then, I may be excited and can't sleep, but I'll take a bath and go to bed tomorrow because it's early in the morning.
Good night.