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We will guide you to business during Golden Week from Tohoen

425th ~ 5th MayUntil Tohoen is open until 11:00~14:00 during the daytimeOpen without a breakWe will(After 17:00, please make a reservation.) If there is no reservation, the restaurant will close at 14:00)

During Golden Week, you can enjoy BBQ at Tohoen
You can also order hors d'oeuvres of meat.

Beef Set  large¥6,480 (with tax) 5~7 servings
        small4,320 yen (tax included) 3~5 servings

Pork and Chicken Set¥3,780 (with tax) 5~7 servings

※ Because it takes time from ordering to preparation, we recommend that you make a reservation
For reservations during Golden Week, please call Tohoen directly.
0536-76-1151(Since it will be transferred after regular holidays and 17:00, please do it by 20:00)

Business hours:11:00~14:00
     17: 00 or later Reservation required

5Tohoen is closed until the 6th ~ 11th of the month.I will!!
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.