You have declared the end of the rainy season.This year, rainIt didn't rain and it was so fast
The rainy season has dawned. I don't like the smudge, but if it doesn't rain, I'll be worried about water shortages.
And for the rest of the lifeHot summeris coming. The temperature exceeded 30°C from the morning today.
It's been insanely hot since the morning. Everyone, please be careful of heat stroke

Tohoen is preparing for the summer.New ProductsAnd we are pleased to say thatShiitake soft serve ice cream
I made it. I made it by trial and error to see how I could make use of Tohoen's proud scent of shiitake mushrooms.

Eat homemade red bean zenzai with rich raw milk soft, zenzai soft and baked potato soft, etc.
Or water play, BBQ, camping, etc. for the summer.

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