Good morning
9I am very happy to enter the month, and inquiries about shiitake mushroom hunting are coming in from time to time.
Thank you all for looking forward to it, and we are already in the season of shiitake mushroom hunting. and customs clearance.
But,We do not accept reservations for shiitake mushroom hunting at this time.

Itake mushrooms do not come out until around the middle of October every year, so we can not accept reservations at this stage, so we are sorry, but please wait for a while.
This year, the temperature will not drop until around October. When I watch the news like that, I wonder when this year's Shiitake will start to show up. And so on and so forth.

10In the moon, while watching the situation considering the temperature etc., contact the reception of the shiitake hunt on this website,
We will guide you, so thank you.

In September, Tohoen will also open stores for multiple events.
Among them9Also opened at the Starry Sky Music Festival on Sunday, March 18We will let you
We are looking forward to meeting many people
If you are at your convenience, please come and visit us.I looked at the homepage. If you can talk to me, it is very
I'm happy