Hello Tohoen will guide you to this season's spring shiitake mushroom hunting Toho Garden, Spring Shiitake Picking Reservation Start Date February 23 Reservations can only be made by phone. Please call between 8:00~17:00. We receive many calls late at night, but we will not be able to respond to calls that are too late, so we ask for your cooperation. As for the current situation of shiitake mushrooms in our garden, many baby shiitake mushrooms have begun to appear. Looking at the weather forecast, the temperature is expected to rise, so it is a little early this year, but I will open a shiitake mushroom hunt first. Shiitake mushroom hunting will open on Friday, March 10, 5th year of Reiwa. * It may change with the growth of shiitake mushrooms Shiitake mushroom picking at our garden is free of charge. We calculate the price based on the gram of shiitake mushrooms you have taken. Take-out shiitake mushrooms are 100g 330 yen (tax included) / 100g shiitake mushrooms are 440 yen (tax included) for shiitake mushrooms that are baked on the spot All shiitake mushrooms are purchased. All of Tohoen's shiitake mushrooms are grown in raw wood. Production volume varies depending on weather and temperature. When you make a reservation, we will inform you about the reservation for shiitake mushroom hunting from Tohoen. We make reservations only for those who are satisfied, so please be sure to make a reservation when you come. In addition, at the time of reservation, we will ask you for your name, phone number (mobile phone), desired date, number of people, and reservation for the shiitake mushroom proficiency set, which is a limited product of the shiitake hunting season, so if you decide in advance, your reservation will be completed smoothly. * Since there is a limit on the number of people on the day, we will give priority to those who have made a reservation. If you do not have a reservation, we may refuse depending on the situation of your reservation, so please contact us in advance. Shiitake mushroom picking season menu Syreach hunting only Shiitake mushroom picking and barbecue (If you want to grill and eat shiitake mushrooms, it will be a shiitake mushroom picking and barbecue course) Meal only Shiitake mushroom proficiency set 1,650 yen / meal (tax included) (set menu of shiitake mushroom pot rice, steamed clay pot, natural potato, and soup stock) On Saturdays, you can make reservations for original pizza using a stone oven for a limited time. Please let us know at the time of booking.     1,100 yen / sheet (tax included) Other items such as BBQ meat and grilled vegetables can be ordered by looking at the menu list If you would like a barbecue, we will prepare a charcoal grill according to the reservation time, so please let us know that you would like a barbecue when you make a reservation. LanguageThis page has been automatically translated. Please note that it may differ from the original content.